Richard Ramirez had his fair share of female admirers.  Even one of the jurors on his trial, Cindy Haden, was in love with him.  For Valentine’s Day, she sent him a cupcake with “I love you” written on it in icing.  Ramirez encouraged her feelings for him, confident that she would not convict him and thus increase his chances of getting a hung jury.  In the end, however, Ramirez was not only convicted but also given the death penalty.  At his sentencing, Haden burst into tears and mouthed the words “I’m sorry”  to him.  Later, she visited him and expressed her love for him; she showed up on talk shows advocating for his retrial, stating her opinion that Ramirez had been possessed by the devil and that his lawyers had failed to incorporate that issue into his defense.  She even introduced Ramirez to her parents.  Despite Haden’s efforts, Ramirez’s longtime supporter Doreen Lioy won his affections, and eventually married him.  

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